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Office 365 is an extremely popular suite of business applications which is used by organisations around the world to collaborate, communicate and carry out everyday tasks like writing reports, maintaining spreadsheets and sending emails.

It includes a host of familiar applications like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with integrated tools for creating surveys, hosting videos, making to do lists and even social networking and video calling.

As your trusted ICT partner, AMDH Services can help you get the most out of Office 365, to unlock the full potential of your workforce and help your organisation achieve its strategic objectives.

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Our process

We have been helping organisations to get the most out of Office 365 for many years and have vast experience of helping the public and charity sectors to achieve digital transformation through the adoption of this business-standard suite of applications.

We’ll work closely with your team to understand your current system and plan how to effectively migrate your existing applications into Office 365.

As an official Microsoft Partner, we can negotiate the best value licensing arrangements for your organisation, plus provide market-leading aftercare and support to help you get the most out of your investment in Office 365.

We can also give your administrators access to tools that help them configure how Office 365 works, to ensure your organisation reaps the full benefits of your investment in it.

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Our Office 365 design services


Microsoft recommends that organisations using existing on-premise implementations of its Office applications run a series of checks against these environments prior to using Office 365, which can produce hundreds of remediation activities that need to be completed prior to migration.

We’ll work with you to complete these remediation tasks in order to get you ready to migrate as quickly as possible.

Hybrid configuration

If you have an existing on-premise Exchange, Sharepoint or Skype environment, you may need to retain a small on-premise footprint. We can help you get your hybrid environment up-and-running and fault-free. We can design and implement a hybrid Office 365 deployment which is hosted in the cloud, but includes a small on-premise footprint to help your organisation retain access to the features which only exist in the on-premise variety, or to simplify migration.  

Email migration

Migrating email into Office 365 needs to be performed in a carefully planned manner to ensure that changes are made to minimise disruption and ensure that staff accounts are grouped together appropriately. We have extensive experience of planning and delivering migration in the simplest way possible.

Security design & implementation

There is a host of free and paid-for Office 365 security features. We can help you understand which ones your organisation will need, which can be disabled and advise on any potential costs and implications, to enable you to make rational, evidence-based decisions about your system’s security.

SharePoint migration

We can help you complete your SharePoint migration and redesign any existing sites to ensure they continue to work once migration is done.

Ongoing support

AMDH Services Ltd offers three levels of Office 365 support to help keep your system running smoothly and address and problems or issues quickly.


Once your environment is implemented and migration is complete, we can help you to understand the training options available and then provide them to you, to ensure all your users can get the most out of the benefits that Office 365 can bring.


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AMDH Cares

Once we’ve designed the Office 365 service you need to help your organisation meet its objectives, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your migration runs as smoothly as possible and is delivered on time and on budget.

As a small, agile business with family values, we’ll work with you as a key part of your team to ensure that any issues can be dealt with swiftly to keep your project on track and maximise the return on your investment in our services.

As your trusted ICT partner, we really care about the success of all our clients, so let us work with you to work out the details and help you choose the right cloud solutions to help your organisation move forward.

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