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Helping you get the most from your ICT infrastructure

ICT hardware is one of the biggest investments that any organisation can make, so it’s crucial that you make the right choices.

Technology moves fast, so it’s also important to ensure that any ICT hardware you purchase is futureproof and suitable for helping you achieve your long term objectives, as when hardware fails and products outdate, your organisation can’t work to its full potential.

AMDH Services Ltd can help your organisation make the right choices when it comes to reviewing and upgrading your legacy hardware or investing in new technology.

We’re vendor agnostic, so will consider the whole market for the solutions you need, rather than just staying with the same hardware or software vendor because its easier, cheaper or more convenient than changing.

And we’re brave enough to do the right thing, not the easy thing, to help you achieve the best outcomes possible.

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Our process

As your trusted ICT partner, AMDH Services Ltd will become a key part of your team, immersing ourselves in your business to gain a full understanding of your current situation, where you want to get to and the technology you’ll need to invest in to get you there.

All our advice and recommended solutions will be based on your objectives, your requirements and your budget.

We have in-depth experience of helping public sector organisations and charities to achieve meaningful digital transformation and will work to identify ICT solutions that give you the features and flexibility you need to unleash your organisation’s full potential.

Our vendor relationships are long-standing and hand-picked, enabling us to develop and deliver solutions which will give your organisation the technology platform it needs to achieve your goals.

Our ICT infrastructure services

Our full range of ICT infrastructure services includes:


Complex network design, delivery and operational management is our key service offering. We have broad experience of  the design of complex public sector networking environments, along with identifying and implementing the different individual technologies required.


We can remove the tie between your services and applications and their physical hardware to reduce your organisation’s data centre footprint and optimise service delivery, as well as providing desktop virtualisation to help your entire workforce become more agile. We can also deliver disaster recovery and high availability services utilising server virtualisation to keep your application and service downtime to a minimum.


Your Storage Area Network can make or break your ICT solution. It’s one of the key technologies behind ICT that can make your hardware, software and applications perform sluggishly or lightning fast. We can help you develop a storage strategy that ensures that your network performs at its optimum level and supports the broader objectives of your ICT strategy.


Cloud technology is evolving all the time and is plays a crucial role in the modern workplace.

We can design on-premises infrastructure that integrates seamlessly into your cloud infrastructure so your resources can move easily between the two environments.


Support Services

To create a high availability, low downtime environment, you need to effectively monitor and manage your infrastructure services. You need to know when something has gone wrong and be empowered to react quickly.

Our services are designed with proactive management in mind – we want our infrastructure to respond to problems in an automated manner where possible and when this isn’t possible we want to know about any issues before they can cause a service outage.

We can work with you to provide proactive management and monitoring of any of our infrastructure services.


We’ll work with you to ensure your service delivery is making the best use of your server infrastructure. We have a broad understanding of most server technologies, from standalone, converged/combined through to blade servers. We understand that in order for a server to perform effectively if must be properly connected to it’s storage and networking. We can help you plan, design and execute the right your server strategy for your requirements.

AMDH Cares

Once we’ve developed the ICT infrastructure strategy you need to move your organisation forwards, we’ll work closely with you to ensure it gets implemented and delivered properly and your project remains on track and on budget.

As a small, agile business with family values, we’ll work with you as a key part of your team to ensure that any issues can be dealt with swiftly to keep your project on track and maximise the return on your investment in our services.

As your trusted ICT partner, we really care about the success of all our clients, so let us work with you to work out the details and help you choose the right ICT infrastructure strategy to help your organisation move forward.

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