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Helping your organisation get the most from the Cloud

In order to reach its full potential, your organisation needs the best ICT services and systems in place.

Cloud technology is the key to digital transformation. It can connect you with your people, your customers and service users, your data and your processes in new ways, to embrace the possibilities enabled by modern technologies.

Many organisations are choosing Azure because of the flexibility, agility and innovation it unlocks.

It offers fully integrated capabilities across apps, data, and infrastructure to boost productivity, increase efficiencies and help your workforce realise its full potential.

It provides unmatched security that is easy to implement and is far more comprehensive than other environments, enabling your migrated systems and applications to be secure and well managed, for increased data security and peace of mind.

And its highly-scalable and cost-effective – you pay only for what you need, when you need it, meaning you can realise significant savings on your investment when compare to other cloud solutions.

As your trusted ICT partner, we’re an Office 365 and Azure specialist, and can help you design, develop and migrate to a cloud environment that’s geared towards helping your organisation meet its strategic objectives.

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Our process

We have been helping organisations to develop their cloud environments for many years and have vast experience of helping the public and charity sectors to achieve digital transformation through the adoption of cloud-based technologies.

We’ll work in partnership with your team to understand your objectives and what you’d like to achieve from the cloud, before developing the right strategy that helps you meet your goals.

Once the design is done and approved, we’ll be at your side through its implementation and the migration of your applications to the cloud, to ensure everything runs smoothly and disruption is kept to a minimum.

And as an official Microsoft Partner, we can negotiate the best value licensing arrangements for your organisation, plus provide market-leading aftercare and support to help you get the most out of your investment in the cloud.

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Our cloud design services

Server application & discovery

Through effective use of discovery tools and working closely with you to understand your environment we’ll gain a deep understanding of your applications and their importance to your organisation, before building an accurate cost model for your cloud service.

Dependency mapping

Its vitally important to ensure that servers that depend upon each other are moved to Azure together. Migrating applications without understanding these dependencies is a highly risky approach, so we’ll make sure it’s done properly to minimise the risk and disruption to your services, for a more seamless migration.

Connectivity planning and implementation

We’ll help you to devise a connectivity and implementation strategy to ensure your applications can be connected to in the most efficient and effective way, as well as completing the design work required to integrate it into your cloud environment.

Azure set-up

We’ll work through the initial set-up of your Azure tenancy and subscription to ensure it’s done right. This will cover aspects including your tenancy, subscriptions and vnets, establishing your identity solution, security, firewall, back-up and monitoring.

Security design

We will design and implement your new Azure cloud environment to ensure it is secure and meets all relevant compliance obligations, as well as taking you through the necessary tasks to ensure your migration is a success.  

Application migration

We have extensive experience of planning and migrating applications to the cloud. We can also help you identify if any applications can be ‘retired’ or are at end-of-life and could be replaced with something that’s cloud-native

End user experience monitoring

We’ll quantify the baseline performance of each application, from a user experience perspective, before migration to enable us to check whether its move to cloud has made a noticeable improvement.

Security support

We’ll review your existing security monitoring and associated procedures to ensure they remain relevant and effective following your migration to Azure, and recommend any next generation solutions to bolster your security.

AMDH Cares

Once we’ve designed the cloud services you need to help your organisation meet its objectives, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your migration runs as smoothly as possible and is delivered on time and on budget.

As a small, agile business with family values, we’ll work with you as a key part of your team to ensure that any issues can be dealt with swiftly to keep your project on track and maximise the return on your investment in our services.

As your trusted ICT partner, we really care about the success of all our clients, so let us work with you to work out the details and help you choose the right cloud solutions to help your organisation move forward.

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