Introducing Microsoft 365 for churches and charities

Microsoft 365 has long been a tool which has helped many businesses around the world to achieve success.

But it’s not just business that can benefit. Churches, charities and not for profit organisations can also take advantage of Microsoft 365’s advanced productivity tools and data storage, document management and security solutions to become more flexible, streamlined and efficient.

In the first of this ongoing series of blogs about Microsoft 365, we examine how your charity, church or not for profit organisation may benefit from switching…


What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that brings together best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security and device management to help improve the way that organisations of all sizes work.

Many businesses around the world build their operations around Microsoft 365, which helps them to streamline their processes, improve collaboration and enhance productivity.

However, the benefits of Microsoft 365 are not just limited to businesses.

It can also help charities, churches and not for profit organisations to transform the way they work.


Benefits of Microsoft 365  

Because Microsoft 365 is hosted in the cloud, it eliminates the need to invest in a range of different off the shelf internet-based solutions from different suppliers. When different software is bought from different vendors at different times, it can lead to the accumulation of conflicting solutions.

Microsoft 365 provides a single cohesive solution. You pay only for what you use, making it easy and economical to scale up or down, depending on your needs.

User licences are available at a discounted price for churches, charities and other non-profit organisations, making it a good low-cost option for even the smallest organisations. Those with a charity registration and 10 or fewer can even get Microsoft 365 for free.

Microsoft 365 can give all the key stakeholders within your church, charity or not for profit organisation access to the Microsoft Office apps including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook online, along with storage, sharing and collaboration services.

Documents can be accessed and shared by team members and other key stakeholders, from wherever device and at any time. And because it is cloud-based, you will always have access to the latest versions of all the applications, including the latest features, bug fixes and security updates.


What does Microsoft 365 include?

We’ve already highlighted some of the Microsoft 365 benefits that churches, charities and not for profits can enjoy. These are derived from the key features of the platform, which include:

Office web apps –  With Microsoft 365, you and your team can remotely access the full range of Microsoft Office tools – including Word, Excel and PowerPoint – and work on files and documents online.

Document sharing – Microsoft 365’s cloud-based file-sharing tool, SharePoint Online, makes it easy for your team to share and collaborate on documents simultaneously and in real-time.

Hosted email – Microsoft Exchange Online removes the need for an in-house Exchange server or remote access VPN. Your staff and volunteers can access their emails, calendars and contacts on any compatible device, from anywhere with a connection to the internet.

Enhanced security – Built-in email, spam, malware and antivirus protection keeps your files and data secure in the cloud. Your organisation’s security options can be managed easily in a web-based admin centre.

Collaboration and communication – Microsoft Teams enables you to manage all your team meetings, conversations and files in a shared workspace, which can be accessed online from anywhere.

Advanced apps – As well as the tools your team will already be familiar with, Microsoft 365 comes with a host of more advanced apps which can streamline the way your organisation works. These include PowerAutomate, which enables you to create automated workflows synchronise files and collect critical data, and PowerBI, which helps your organisation make better data-driven decisions.


How do I get started?

Microsoft 365 has been built with the user, rather than the administrator, in mind. Its apps are simple to use and intuitive, so even your staff and volunteers with the most basic level of experience will be able to get to grips with them quickly.

It has also been designed for easy management. Even if you don’t have any dedicated ICT staff, you can manage, configure and customise your services according to your organisation’s needs, in an easy-to-use online admin portal.

However, getting up and running quickly is a challenge for many churches, charities and not for profit organisations, and that’s where AMDH can help.

We offer a wide range of implementation and support options to help your organisation make the switch to Microsoft 365 and make the most of its features. We can work with you to identify your needs and Microsoft 365 licensing requirements and help you procure and implement your new solution.

We can also help migrate your existing email and files to the Microsoft 365 cloud, optimise your apps and security settings and establish best practice to ensure your organisation makes the most of its investment, along with ongoing advice and support to keep your new system running as it should.

Interested in finding out how we can help your church, charity or not for profit organisation unleash its full potential with Microsoft 365? Get in touch today for an informal chat.

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