Guest Wifi – Unreasonable Ts and Cs?

Picture Captured from a smartphone showing terms and conditions of wifi - including details about information collected and the usage of that data.

About a year ago when traveling up north I stopped overnight with my wife at a small hotel. I’d chosen the hotel largely because of its location en route to Aberdeen where we were headed but also I’d selected one with guest wifi.

The guest wifi used a captive portal solution with a terms and conditions statement before you could move any further.

I was struck by the statement

“We may collect the details you enter into a form or via a social login portal…”

Seriously – I thought – you might collect my login information for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? My username and password? And you think this is legitimate so are telling me about it?

I know that this seems unlikely as my phone would throw up a whole load of certificate warnings etc but I wasn’t prepared to agree to those terms so disconnected from the guest wifi and just used 4G.

To me such a statement seems unreasonable but I later realised that this is the statement for a broadly used commercial captive portal solution favoured by a number of hotels.

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