Christian Resources Exhibition – Stoneleigh

CRE Christian Resources Exhibition - Come and meet us on our stand at CRE Midlands 2020 on4-5 March 2020.

What is the Christian Resources Exhibition?

The Christian Resources Exhibition or CRE is both a exhibition and seminar track for Christian charities and churches. It provides an opportunity for networking and creative thinking with other Christians. It is also a “one-stop” shop for church supplies, resources and ideas.

Exhibitors include charities such as aid agencies like Barnabas Fund, city missions like Birmingham City Mission, publishers like Day One, TV broadcasters like Loveworld TV and this year for the first time an ICT Consultancy – AMDH Services Limited.

Why Exhibit at CRE?

AMDH Services Limited is owned and managed by Christians – as such we are familiar with the challenges churches and Christian charities face. We also understand technology and in particular ICT having worked on large scale ICT projects for around 20 years.

We believe that most churches operate their ICT on an adhoc basis – they encounter a problem and find someone in their congregation who knows how to fix it. There isn’t a great deal of strategic thinking taking place around leveraging ICT for the benefit of the church or charity. In a world where ICT is changing at pace and where by not keeping up even large businesses can fail we believe that this needs to change.

We want to help churches and other Christian charities to meet this challenge head on and respond in a planned, budgeted, and targeted manner.


If you are a charity or church below are some of the items we’d like to discuss with you about how you are managing your ICT.


Do you have a plan around how you will use social media? Do you just let what you post on facebook and twitter “just happen” or do you know what you will post when? Do you have a staff member responsible for managing the social media presence? Are you members on board – reposting, commenting and so on?


Again – most churches now have a website but how easy to use is your site? How fresh is the content? Does it link well to other sites you are partners with? Does it speak into your community? Does it focus on the things you are concerned about? Does it clearly proclaim what you believe and why?


Have you created a document set that helps you comply on paper with GDPR? Do you know what are the citizen rights and how you will handle subject access requests? Do you understand what data you are a data processor for and whose data it is? Do you have tools in place to ensure your policy is enacted in practise?


Do you know what risks you have from hackers or other malicious actors looking to exfiltrate data from you? Do you have a policy around updates to software? Is someone looking after your ICT Security or are you just hoping for the best?


Do you have tools in place that can help you to collaborate with your own members or other churches? Are you sharing documents using email and dropbox?

How we can help

We believe that the tools gaining traction in the the broader business world will be beneficial for charities but that the main obstacle is the cost. To be a early adopter of technology requires investment and we don’t think that a charity such as a church has the financial ability to be an early adopter.

We do believe however that charity can still benefit but it needs to be later in the technology lifecycle and possibly as groups of charities working together. So for example a group of 30 churches all working together to adopt Office 365 to meet a requirement around collaboration is more likely to be cost effective to the individual churches than 30 churches all separately adopting Office 365.

We would like to speak to both individual churches and charities but also groups of churches and charities about their technology adoption – in particular at the moment we believe that Office 365 could offer real value.

To read more about this see our white paper on charity adoption of O365.

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