A guide to migrating servers and virtual machines

If you’ve been wondering how to migrate to cloud – what practically should you do and what are the steps – this fairly lengthy guide from Microsoft would be a good starting point.

Microsoft presents a three stage migration process – assess – migrate – optimize.

I think its also important to notice that they don’t anticipate that you will simply migrate everything as it is into cloud – they talk about:

  • Rehost (moving servers as they are into cloud)

  • Refactor (moving servers into cloud but migrating some elements to cloud based services)

  • Rearchitect (redesigning an application to modernize it and make it more modular so it can best take advantage of cloud service functionality)

  • Rebuild (migrating to a PaaS or SaaS based solution but retaining the same application)

  • Replace (migrating from a legacy application to a fully PaaS or SaaS based solution)

Let’s be clear – we believe that migrating to cloud isn’t easy – there is a lot of thinking and planning to be done, you need to think about the cost – not just the cost of the migration but the management of cost after the migration. Contact us today to discuss this further.


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