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About our FREE ICT Maturity Healthcheck

Our Free ICT maturity healthcheck is designed to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current ICT service. We ask a set pre-defined questions that help us understand how your ICT provision is currently delivered and where your current provision sits against industry best practice.

We cover the following broad areas in our questions:

  • Service Delivery Modes – on-premise, hosted Data Centre, Cloud (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS)

  • ITIL Process Maturity

  • Age and support status of ICT Equipment

  • Breakdown of Server OS

  • Breakdown of Desktop OS

  • Staff Skillset

  • Amount of Automation

  • Proactive Detection & Resolution of faults

  • Learning from incidents

  • Software / Solution Development Models

  • Alignment of ICT goals to business / organisation goals

  • Business and ICT Continuity Plans

  • ICT Improvement Plans

These help us to identify areas where your provision is weak and could be improved. It also allows us to understand what you do well and allows us to work out how to use those bits that are working to improve those that are not.

We are aware however that depending on your organizational size and available ICT budget some of the above may be less relevant – because of this we tailor our questions as we learn more about you.

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